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The Fontana

The Fontana has been designed to provide a bathing solution that offers simplicity and relaxation, as well as good looks.

The bath's size makes it ideal as a standard bath replacement. With a low entry point for easy step-in access and a side wide-opening door, the Fontana's soft curved lines and ergonomically designed seat allows you to step in, sit back and relax in comfort and style.

The thoughtful design has ensured there are no hazardous catches or operating devices and with slip-resistant flooring for extra safety, the Fontana allows you to bathe with the pleasure and peace of mind of being in your own home.

Overall Dimensions

  • Length = 1685mm
  • Width = 750mm
  • Height adjustable

The Luna

The Luna has been developed to provide a bathing solution that combines aesthetics, practicality and ease of use. The bath's short sculpted body makes the most of limited space, whilst enabling the user to enjoy a deep soak. The Luna has been designed for effortless entry and exit and features a low entry point for easy step-in access. The wide opening door can also be opened and closed from the seated position.

The contoured built-in seat was carefully designed and raised to help maintain an upright position, particularly useful for people with reduced mobility.

With no hazardous catches or operating devices and a slip-resistant floor for added safety and peace of mind, the Luna makes it possible for you to bathe in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Overall Dimensions

  • Length = 1220mm
  • Width = 660mm
  • Height adjustable

Simple to use and easy to reach door handle, located on the outside of the door for extra security.

Wide inward opening door that rests in a specially moulded recess, enabling the door to open 90° and allowing 100% access to the door opening.

Fully adjustable door hinges.

Optional in-fill space saving storage cupboard, ideal for filling gaps left by previous facilities.

Features & benefits

  • low entry point
  • easy step-in access
  • wide side door
  • left or right hand entry
  • leak free bathing
  • slip-resistant flooring
  • temperature controlled
  • hydrotherapy option
  • coloured trays

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