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Curbs Arthritis Pain

"My ACORN Safety Tub bath has changed my life. The spa and heating features I chose have turned my bath times into a therapeutic session that noticeably curbs my arthritis pain."

Julie Greenwood, Ipswich, East Anglia

Makes Bathing Easy

"I suffer from limited movement, and getting in and out of a bath tub was out of the question before my ACORN Safety Tubs Luna Bath. Now, I just walk through a door, sit down and voila! I enjoy a wonderful bathing experience."

Keneth Baker, Yarm, Tyneside

Safety Features Offer Peace of Mind

"After I fell and broke my hip last year, my daughter worried about me getting in and out of my bath tub, so she bought me an ACORN Safety Tub bath. I love it. All the thoughtful safety features have brought peace of mind to both of us."

Joyce Taylor, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

Promotes Comfort

"The built-in seat in my ACORN Safety Tub bath is at the perfect height. It allows me to sit easily while I bathe and is much more comfortable than standing."

Jonathon Wilmsmoor, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Luxury For Now, and the Future

"While I don't have any issues getting in and out of a bath tub just yet, I realise that day isn't too far off, so I bought an ACORN Safety Tub fortuna bath. I really love the luxury of the Spa option. It's just like having a jacuzzi, only I won't need to replace it in the future."

John Anderson, Rochdale, Lancashire

Got a Safety Tub Story You'd Like to Share?

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