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The Freedom Will Change Your Life!

ACORN Safety tubs bathing solutions allow you the freedom to bathe in safety, comfort and convenience.

Makes Bathing Easy

Getting in and out of the tub is made easy with ACORN Safety Tubs. Whether you are experiencing limited mobility or want to make the entry and exit of the tub or shoer safe and easy, then ACORN's Safety Tubs and showers are perfect for you.

Perfect for Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis and joint discomfort respond very favourably to the soothing, therapeutic effect of heat from a warm, deep bath. Because our Safety Tubs are so easy and safe to use, you'll find yourself taking a bath more often and enjoying the health benefits for life.

Soak Away Aches and Pains

ACORN Safety Tubs' soaking and massage therapy opions make normal muscle aches and pains subside almost immediately. After just one bath, you will notice the difference in how you feel.

Eliminate The Fear of Bathing

ACORN Safety Tubs were designed with input from real customers. The low entry and slip resistant bottom flooring are just two of the features that make bathing safe with ACORN Safety Tubs.